Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lovely Loves ~ Improv Everywhere

Ever need a really good laugh? Whenever I do, I flip over to Improv Everywhere's Channel on Youtube and watch their latest video. Improv Everywhere is a group who's solitary goal is to make a scene, and have fun doing it. Ever seen those flash mobs on Youtube? Improv Everywhere is like that, only on a grand scale.

So here's the rundown. Improv Everywhere posts an idea about what they want to do like freeze in the middle of Grand Central Station or create a human mirror on a subway car, and people from around the New York area reply and join the group, planning a date and time for the event. Though some, like the food court musical, are done by people who can sing and dance, the majority of them are done by what Improv Everywhere calls Undercover Agents, average people who come out and join them for the fun. It's always good laughs to watch and I would love to be a part of them one day. Check them out on their Youtube Channel or by clicking any of the links to their videos.

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