Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Supernatural Summer Tour

Saturday, the Supernatural Summer Tour had a stop at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville (outside of Chicago). This is not my first book signing, but my first wrap up of a book signing, so please bare with me. The crowd was large. In order to have a book signed, you needed to purchase a book and get a signing number. Luckily my friend and I went a week before the signing to get the books, getting numbers 31 and 32, because one of the girls had number 64. We didn't stay long enough to see where the line ended for the signing, but, by the looks of the crowd, we assumed the signing would go on for about another thirty minutes or half hour by the time we left. My camera doesn't take the greatest pictures from far away, but my friend Denise over at DeniseMadness took great pictures. Check out her blog here http://denisemadness.blogspot.com/

Authors Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, Ellen Schreiber, and Kimberly Derting introduced themselves.

The Body Finder is Kimberly Derting's first published book, and she was the only one in the group who hadn't been on tour before.

Here's a picture of all the swag I was able to get while at the signing. Pictured is a Darkest Powers mouse-pad, a Darkest Powers pin, a Dangerous postcard, a bookmark for the Vampire Kisses series, a signed picture of the cover of Vampire Kisses, a signed cover of Once Dead, Twice Shy, an Alcatraz key, an Early to Death, Early to Rise shoelace, a Smart Chicks Kick It Tour bookmark, a signed Body Finder poster, a Body Finder sticker, a What Is Your Echo? sticker and a Body Finder bookmark. With that, I got my copy of The Body Finder signed, as well as my copy of The Eternal Kiss.

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